MS.NET compilers Add user access control in the form of a whitelist Add a reason for a user not being authorized and relay that back to the client Add new mod chat command. Only allow kicking and banning people udner your auth level Add some more things that were missing from local_setup If server is in debug mode, it will broadcast stats to clients Commit missing files Rename debug folder to not conflict with ignore pattern First pass at implementing AI FSM Continue making FSM AI easier to work with Add more movement support. Add comments to newtonian. Add warning macros Add autoimport helper Simplify verbose logging in bocce preprocessor Fix compiler errors Remove requirement for using fsmnode attribute. Add describe method bitbucket-pipelines.yml test Make empeld work with bitbucket pipelines. Define dockerfile for build env boo tests aren’t compatible on windows Dont do full build on pipelines Add compatibility for EmpeldPlugin requirement attribute Add autoimport helper Simplify verbose logging in bocce preprocessor Add method to order scripts when adding them to be processed Add debug info, hits, and single-use connections for queueing Make move actions return conditions Add a random number helper Add flag to set entities to be transient Add a bunch of in-code documentation Add rand int helpers Finally fix the error spew from the http server


@snowman Just wanted to give you a heads up: I think I tackled the bug with the Intel integrated GPUs with today’s launch. Hopefully it’ll work for you now!


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